Trading accounts to choose from

Use the free trader's calculator

A completely free online trader calculator is available to each of you right on this page. Specify the initial data and get a ready-made calculation of the potential outcome of the transaction.

Take a look at how the trader's calculator works

Take a look at how the trader's calculator works

  • Instrument:
    specify the selected financial instrument from the list
  • Price:
    specify the estimated price of opening and closing the order to see the possible result
  • Trade volume:
    specify exact trade volume in lots
  • Spread in points:
    calculated automatically based on the difference between Ask and Bid prices
  • Swap in USD:
    calculated automatically based on the cost of position rollover at night
  • Margin:
    the specified data is the minimum amount of free deposit required to make a transaction
  • Profit:
    indication of probable profit based on current parameters

Open a trading account in 3 steps


Fill out the application form on the website

On the main site there is a section "Registration", where you need to specify contact details.


Make a deposit

Immediately after registration, you can top up the deposit for the desired amount.


Log in to your personal account

The last stage is authorization in your personal account with the desired access to online trading.

Start trading